The world is crying out to end conflict and inhumanity.

We believe that, as humans, we all carry some aspect of egoism that creates negative energy.  But we believe
even more strongly in the communicative and healing power of music and song.
We have a chance to harness the divine power that is in each of us to heal and create a better world. 

Let us take this step together.


SUNNY JAIN (percussion, dholak) is recognized as a lead voice in an emerging movement of South Asian-American jazz musicians who bring together America’s greatest original art form and the ancient sounds of their cultural heritage. Steeped in the jazz tradition since the age of 12, Jain’s 5 CD releases (As Is, Mango Festival, Avaaz, Chaal Baby, Taboo) have received international acclaim for their “groundbreaking synthesis” (Coda Magazine). His latest release, Taboo (BJUR 2010), Jain “stakes out singular turf in this 21st Century world of cross-pollinating musical traditions" (Signal to Noise). Jain draws inspiration from the musical sensibilities of modern India, as well as its ancient classical forms. His Punjabi roots and appreciation for Bollywood classics are audible in his work and Indian dance rhythms find resonance with the syncopated jazz canon. His influences go further from drum & bass to progressive rock, to Brazilian and West African rhythms. Jain closed out 2007 with a milestone performance with the famed Sufi-rock group Junoon at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway, playing for Al Gore. In 2006, Traps magazine highlighted Sunny as a top New York City world jazz drummers, following on the heels of a feature in Jazz Hot magazine (France), in which he was noted as a rising star for his fusion of jazz and Indian music. Sunny received the Arts International Award in both 2003 and 2005 and in 2002, he was designated a Jazz Ambassador by the U.S. Department of State and The Kennedy Center. To learn more, please visit