The world is crying out to end conflict and inhumanity.

We believe that, as humans, we all carry some aspect of egoism that creates negative energy.  But we believe
even more strongly in the communicative and healing power of music and song.
We have a chance to harness the divine power that is in each of us to heal and create a better world. 

Let us take this step together.


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Seven wedge monitors (downstage center: one for vocals/guitar, one for vocals, one for violin.  Upstage right: one for reeds, one for bass.  Upstage center: Shared by tabla and dhol.  Upstage left, one for accordion).   Separate mixes preferred.

If seven monitors are not available, please discuss ahead of time with the group to make alternative arrangements.  Please have music stands available.

Mic/Amp layout:

  • Vocals/Guitar: Vocal mic on stand, line-in for electric guitar, fender reverb or vox amp or DI
  • Vocals: Mic on stand with hook OR high stool for tambourine.
  • Violin: vocal mic on stand, line-in for pickup.
  • Reeds: Two mics
  • Tabla: Three mics on boom stands, raised platform (4’x 4’, 2’ high, covered with CLEAN, decent rug)
  • Bass: Line-in
  • Accordion: line-in


2 Dhol mics: Evolution series 500 wireless body pack transmitter - Sennheiser ME2 lave (Omnidirectional) OR equivalent av + wireless bodypack; ATM250 on short boomstand OR equivalent bass drum mic. Drumset to be mic'd up

Drumset Backline Required

All drums: Canopus NV-60 M2 (or Yamaha Maple Custom)

All hardware: Canopus (or Yamaha)

All heads: Remo

All cymbals: Zildjian A Custom

Sturdy, adjustable, padded drum stool (no back)

2 cymbal boom stands

High-hat stand with clutch

Snare stand

Bass drum pedal

Tom tom mounts

18" x 14" bass drum

12" x 8" tom tom, mounted on bass drum

14" x 14" floor tom (with legs)

14" x 6.5" snare drum

Coated drum heads on both side of drums, EXCEPT clear bottom head on snare drum

20” Ride cymbal

16” Crash cymbal

14” Hi-hat cymbals

4x6 Rug for underneath drumset

  • Out of town Travel & Accommodations: Please provide one hotel room per performer (Elizabeth Schwartz & Yale Strom will share one room with either one large bed or two smaller beds).  The performers will stay in the same hotel, to be determined.
  • Please provide transportation to and from the airport (or point of entry to your city).
  • Please provide one roundtrip ticket per performer.
  • Please provide dinner for the performers for each night of their stay.

* Please have water onstage and in place for the musicians during the performance.